About Gone Flying

The Instructor

Hello and thank you for taking an interest in getting your pilot’s license!

I am incredibly passionate about aviation and love to share my enthusiasm with others who have an interest in aviation.  As an instructor, I pride myself on having a calm and encouraging demeanor.  My job is to make sure my students pass their FAA check ride, but more importantly, to make them as safe, confident, competent pilots as possible, who can go out there and just enjoy the incredible world of being a pilot.

I grew up in Washington D.C., where my parent would take me to air shows, and the park at the end of the runway at Washington’s Reagan National Airport, which is what sparked my passion for flying.  After taking my first flight lesson at the age of 13, I was hooked.  I moved to Savannah, GA for college, and that’s where I finished my flight training.  After college, I decided to attend the Flight Safety Academy in Vero Beach, FL where I received my Commercial, Multi-Engine, and Flight Instructor ratings.  I came to the realization that I do not get along with hot weather, so I decided to move to Portland, OR because it is a truly beautiful part of this country, and has a strong community of general aviation aircraft and pilots.  Now I live in Portland with my fiancé, four dogs, and Jeep0.

I look forward to discussing your possibilities of being a pilot.  Fly Safe!

George Gill



The Airport

Twin Oaks Airpark is located in Hillsboro, OR and is 4 miles Southwest of the Hillsboro airport.  It is a small, privately owned airport, and is a throw back to the golden days of flying.  Its runway is only 2,400 feet long and is nestled between an alpaca farm and orchard.  It’s been in the same family since 1972.  The family runs the airport, instructs, and handles maintenance.  Because of this, their fleet of aircraft (Cessna 150’s, 172’s, a Piper Comanche, and Sport Cub), are all held to the highest maintenance standards, and are highly upgraded with GPS and more modern avionics.  The pilots and instructors who fly out of Twin Oaks are a fantastic group of people who know what they are doing, and love what they are doing.  All of this combines to create a community of pilots and aviation enthusiasts who are professional passionate, friendly and incredibly encouraging.